Indian cruise ship visa valid for 365 days from date issuance (ETA) Electronic Travel Authorisation is valid for entry through 28 designated airports & 5 seaports

India e-visa is approved and authorised by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. all other types of Indian visas will be issued by High Commission of India London

Recreation/Sight-Seeing, Meeting Friends/Relatives, Short Term Yoga Programme, Cruise Ship Holidays
To Set up Industrial/Business Venture, Sale/Purchase/Trade, Attend Technical/Business Meetings, Recruit Manpower, Participation in Exhibitions, Business Trade Fairs, Expert/specialist in Connection with ongoing Project, Conducting Tours, deliver Lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)
To Attend a Conference/Seminar/workshop Organized by a Ministry or Department of The Government of India, State Governments or UT Administrations and their Subordinate/ Attached Organizations and Psus
Short term Medical Treatment of Self
To Accompany Patient Travelling to India on E Medical visa


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We have a team specializing in helping mature and single travelers, people with disabilities apply for Indian visa’s stress free. We provide 24/7 support and help whatever your circumstances, putting your fears and concerns to rest when applying for an Indian visa. Applying for an Indian e-visa is of the most important things to do when planning your holiday to India.

You can apply by post or online and over the phone, we also provide a meet and Greet visa service we come out to see you process your Indian visa application at your home all stress free. Secure GDPR compliant

obtaining a visa remains one of the biggest pain points for India traveller as it involves filling complex applications, having time of work making appointments travelling to cities, standing in queues for hours for submission or interviews, etc.
India Visa Head office visa is determined to eliminate multi-level of complexities. Our simple process enables easy access to online visa information with execution of visa documents checked by an expert before submission and collection and final delivery of a visa stamped passport or E-visa confirmation document.