About India Electronic-Visa

E-Tourist Visa is for international travellers whose purpose of visiting India is for Tourist, Recreation, Visiting Friends or Relatives, Sight-Seeing and Short Term Yoga program.
E-Business Visa is for international travellers whose purpose of visiting India is for Business Meetings, Set up Business Venture, Sale, Purchase, Trade, To Recruit Manpower, Attended Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.
E-Medical Visa is for international travellers whose purpose of visiting India is to seek short term medical treatment.
The Indian e-Tourist and e-Business visa is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance multiple entry The Indian e-Visas allow for stays up to 180 days from your date of arrival in India.

Receive your India visa on time we are here to improve your Indian visa experience.

India ET-Visa provides a fast track stress free India visa service. Our telephone lines are manned 24 hours a day 7 day a week you can call 020 7377 1600, 01753 902614 at 2am to track the status of your visa application or if you require advise for how to apply for a visa. Our staff are recognised by Royal mail employees and will only hand over items to a member of our staff which then has to be signed for. Alternatively you can send by courier.

Our friendly staff have the expertise and understanding to advice on the necessary requirements to obtain a visa for India as they are experienced with the formalities of High Commission of India in the UK. Once we receive your application we check it meticulously we will contact you ASAP if the Indian government Visa Officer requires more information so it doesn’t hinder processing of your Indian visa.

We receive many calls daily from concerned members of the public who have sent visa applications to other so called visa organizations who have not returned visa as they advertised. Now panic sets in, they can’t get in touch with the company, no one answers the phones and not getting your passport back on time is a nightmare.

you don’t have to worry with India ET-Visa . Due to recent identity fraud cases, we strongly recommend clients to always question what accreditation of other websites who claim to provide visa services. We only use your personal details for the purposes of applying for a visa. Your passport is a valuable document that contains both personal and security information about you. Always choose a reputable visa service at a traceable office.

We process Indian visa applications from all counties in the United Kingdom and also provide a Meet & greet service if required at your home / office or pick up and drop off at all London airports Your India visa search ends here.

Send the fee and the relevant documents to us at: India E-Visa Head Office
27 Leas Drive
Tel: 020 7377 1600, 01753 902614
07535 025200 Customer Support 24/7
(United Kingdom)