INDIA VISA Application Form
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A.Personal Particulars (As in Passport)
Name *
Previous/other Name if any
Sex * Marital Status
Date of Birth Qualification *
Place of Birth Town/City Country of Birth *
Citizenship/NIC No Religion *
Visible identificatoin marks
Current Nationality * Nationaility by Birth/Naturilization *
Any Other Previous/Past Nationality *
B. Passport Details
Passport No * Date of issue
Place of issue Date of expiry
Any other Passport/Identity Certificate(IC)held,if yes,Please fill following
Country of issue
Passport/IC No
Place of issue
Date of issue
C.Applicant's Contact Details
Present Address *
Permanent Address Phone No
Mobile/Cell No *
Email Address *
B. Family Details
Relation Name * Nationality * Prev. Nationality * Place & Country of Birth
Were your Grandfather/Grandmother (paternal/maternal) Pakistan Nationals Or belong to Pakistan held area


E. Details of Visa Sought
Type of Visa Required No of Entries
Period of Visa (Month) Expected Date of Journey
Port of Arrival Port of Exit
Purpose of Visit
F. Previous Visit
Have you ever visited India?
Address where you stayed in India?
Cities in India visited?
Type of Visa Visa Number
Visa Issued Place Date of Issue
Countries visited in last 10 years
Have you been refused an Indian Visa or extension of the same previously or deported from India?
If yes above mention when and by whom with control No/Date
G. Profession/Occupation Details
Present Occupation Designation/Rank
Employer Name/Business
Employer Address
Phone Number
Past occupation if any
Are/Have you worked with armed forces/Police/Para Military forces?
Organization Designation
Place of Posting Rank
H.Details of two Reference
Phone Number
YesNo YesNo
YesNo YesNo
YesNo YesNo


a. I do not hold any others passport(s) other than those detailed above.
b. I have read and understood all the conditions for the visit to India and I m Willing and able to abide fully by them.
c. I declare that the information given in the form is complete and correct and the visit to India and will be undertaken for the purpose indicated in the application.
d. I understand that in case the information provided in the form is found to be incorrect, I will be liable for the denial of visit/entry or deportation and or other penalties during the visit as provided by Indian law.


  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in India with at least 2 blank pages
  • 2 x 50mm x 50mm (larger than passport size) recent identical passport quality photographs on a white/off white background

Send all applications in one royal mail special delivery Include pre- paid royal mail special delivery Self-addressed envelope for the secure return of your passports

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Tel: 01753 902614
Tel: 07535 025200, on call 24/7

Contact us for confirmation of Fees & processing time this may differ at peak times
Other visa types require additional supporting documentation to be posted, UK & Indian invitation letters, letters of support. If you have any issues or concern please call 24/7