Indian Emergency Visa

Please note Due to changes for the issuing of Indian visas in the United Kingdom India Visa Office is not the Indian embassy if you wish to apply directly follow the link to learn more (Click here) you are required to make appointment and go in person in all cases the Indian embassy will charge a visa fee. If you apply through ourselves we will charge a processing fee for our expertise and the responsibility of lodging your visa application with the Indian Embassy, as well as returning your visa when issued, quickly and securely. This site is not affiliated with the government.

Visas are issued by the High Commission Of India in case of emergencies such as death or medical issues adequate documentation is required as proof. The decision of the Indian government official in this regard shall be final.

Send the fee and the relevant documents to us at: India E-Visa Head Office
27 Leas Drive
Tel: 020 7377 1600, 01753 902614
24/7 Customer Service 07535 025200
(United Kingdom)